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  • aka_papu
    pe 14 Ianuarie 2016 10:07
    Filmul este dedicat si inspirat de opera Furtuna a lui William Shakespear...
    Un film artistic de mare rafinament vizual...
    Cele 24 de carti ale lui Prospero sunt:
    The books of Prospero number 24 according to the production design which outlines each volume's content. The list is reminiscent of the lost books of Epicurus. [1]
    1. A Book of Water
    2. A Book of Mirrors
    3. A Book of Mythologies
    4. A Primer of the Small Stars
    5. An Atlas Belonging to Orpheus
    6. A Harsh Book of Geometry
    7. The Book of Colours
    8. The Vesalius Anatomy of Birth
    9. An Alphabetical Inventory of the Dead
    10. A Book of Travellers' Tales
    11. The Book of the Earth
    12. A Book of Architecture and Other Music
    13. The Ninety-Two Conceits of the Minotaur
    14. The Book of Languages
    15. End-plants
    16. A Book of Love
    17. A Bestiary of Past, Present and Future Animals
    18. The Book of Utopias
    19. The Book of Universal Cosmography
    20. Lore of Ruins
    21. The Autobiographies of Pasiphae and Semiramis
    22. A Book of Motion
    23. The Book of Games
    24. Thirty-Six Plays